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You Are Never Alone

Life can hit like a brick wall and leave even the strongest weak! One thing I have learned is that no matter what I am never alone. I am a high achiever and this can cause me to overload myself and become overwhelmed with everything, however with these three things that I rely on, you will see that you are never alone no matter if it seems like it.

Your Village

It takes a village to raise a child!

This saying is not just true but any teacher will agree that having an effective support system will help every child be successful. This saying does not imply in any way that adults don't need a village, but on the contrary. As an adult we love to think we can do it 'all on our own' or 'be independent', with that comes with a sense of loneliness. When we fall, and we all do, its our village that picks us up, dust us off, and push us on!

My village comprises of my immediate family, mother, father, 3 sisters, and baby brother (that is way bigger then me), my 4 best friends, and coaches/mentors. These people are invested in my success just as much as I am. They can see my passion and vision and are driven to help me make it come true. This means at times literally taking something off my plate and completely doing it. I have made it as far as I have because of them.

When I feel like I am down and out I look to one of these people to support me and get me back on track. When they are not available the past encouragement they have provided instantly kicks in and motivates me to keep going. I don't have to have to have them in the physical form to feel comfort! Their laughs makes my heart jump, their smiles warms me, their words fill my soul, and their presence is always felt.

Your Love For Yourself

Love for yourself is stronger then any other lover you will experience.

When you love yourself you have a higher drive to be successful because it's for yourself. To love yourself also means opening up and communicating with others. My mother always told me "dont tell people your business" but the problem with that I discovered as an adult is then how do you learn? What one woman went thru 5 years ago might help me now, however, I miss out on the opportunity to connect and learn from each other because I was taught to keep my business to myself. It is just a great relief to talk and share with other women and be able to learn from them. Loving yourself means communicating and networking with others. It also help you appreciate your life and problems.

Talking is a great form of therapy and allow us to release and relax. When we communicate with others we are able to share our experiences and build off each other. It is a great way to build love for ourselves and others. A great woman once told me that you can't love others if you don't love yourself. True love comes from self love and we all need to be our biggest fan and cheerleader. The love we have is what we use to love and give to those we love. A mother takes care of her child as a reflect of how much she loves herself.

Your Relationship with God

He is always near to help you make it far!

No matter how hard life may get, being able to lean on God in prayer is a powerful way to face challenges and find inspiration in the dark. We can do a lot of things when we relay on Jehovah God for guidance and support. Talking to Him daily will help us all feel not alone. He is always there when we call on Him. You will never get a busy signal or His voicemail. This is the power of prayer. It is a great relief to be able to lean on Him when life feel so heavy I can't go on.

Throw your problems and burdens on God because He cares and want nothing but the best for His children. Go for a nice long walk and just talk to him and tell him how you feel and what you are facing. It might not solve the problems right away but you will feel so much better to be able to release it and get it all off your shoulders.

Solitary has the power to punish and even kill, hence why it is use as a punishment in prison. Remember that you are never in solitary if you close your eyes, get on your knees, bow your head, put your hands together and say a prayer to God! He is ready to listen and answer. But remember that faith with out works is dead. So we must work in harmony with our prayers. We have to work in harmony with our prayers and goals in order to see them come true.


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