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New Year New Goals

By Ms. Juliey, Counselor and Trainer

A new year is here and although you do not have to wait till the New Year to set goals, most people do. With this new year brings new opportunities for growth and success. 2023 is a year for us all to find a winning path. So, let's talk about some goals we can set as leaders in the early childhood field. As a leader in the field, I pride myself in feeding my craft.

  • Go Back to School- With TEACH being an option, going back to school has never truly been so easy. TEACH will pay for you to go to school and pay you for completing school. Getting paid to go to school is a great motivator.

  • Earn an Endorsement- The Department of Children and Families has released several endorsements in the last few months. Trauma Informed Endorsement is a great tool to learn new skills and how to be a more effective leader that is responsive.

  • Save More Money- Reaching out to our financial advising team can help you start this year off on the right track by looking to save money and make your money make money for you. Investing and high yielding saving accounts is a great place to start. Book a session with our Financial Experts to start on the right foot come 2023.

  • Become More Active in the Field- Join an association or group that will present you with more opportunities to be active in the field. It is easy to complain about the problem but once you become part of the solution you can see your own thinking transforming. Join our Early Educators Child Care Concierges VIP Group and stay informed and connected.

Whatever you set for a goal be sure to share with those you look up too and work hard to reach it. Once you reach that goal set a new one, one that is higher and challenging to keep you striving for higher success. If you need help setting and reaching your goals, reach out to us for support. My mentor, the Child Care Guru, is ready to help you!

Comment and share your goals with us!

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1 Comment

Child Care Guru
Child Care Guru
Jan 01, 2023

My goal is to grow my new business and continue to invest and grow as a person, friend, and sister.

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