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Mission and Vision Statements

Goal setting can help create clear visions and pathways to achievement. As a business owner or soon to be, your mission and vision statements are important to help lay the groundwork for your business success.

Mission Statements are short term goals for your business. You might want to first ask yourself 'what do we hope to achieve in the next five years' and base your mission statement on that analysis. Mission statements should be short and simple and include all of the three following elements:

  1. Mention your Targeted Audience

  2. List your Product or Service

  3. Explains your Niche

Your mission statement should explain who your targeted audience is so that you reach your ideal clients. If you are not familiar with what an Ideal Client is or how to hone on who that is, check out our online classes via You want to set your mission statement so it address the target audience that you wish to reach. You want to be clear in all your professional messaging, create a short list of your main products and services. This will keep the information fresh and useful to those that find it. It will also show people that are looking for your type of product or service that they are in the right place. Listing your niche allows you to set yourself apart and be different from the other businesses or professionals. You are special and making sure you set out from the rest is key.

Vision statements are long term goals for your business and can help map out goals for 10 to 15 years. Your vision statement should be clear and outline your goals and hopes to achieve long term with the business. Since it is your vision for your business it is key to never leave anything up for interpretation.

Mission and vision statements are meant to grow and evolve as the business hits new milestones and achieve new goals. Once you have achieved your mission or vision it is time to think about the next level you will peek and plan statements for that. Your mission and vision statement should also never be a secret or kept to yourself. Share it with the parents, teachers, staff, clients, and everyone else. This will also empower the employees to work towards the same goal and keep everyone on the same page.

Jitta Bug Learning Center LLC Vision Statement before July 1

Jitta Bug Learning Center LLC has a vision to be one of the top family child care homes in Florida, become and maintain accreditation and move into a larger and permanent location.

On July 1 we moved into our new location that is bigger and we have achieved all our goals and hopes for the business. We were even featured in a magazine as one of the top 50 schools in the country.

Jitta Bug Learning Center LLC Vision Statement after July 1

Jitta Bug Learning Center LLC has a vision to create an outside learning playground, hire and train two new staff members, and open another location to serve more students.

The vision statement grow and changed as my business grow and changed as well. This is important to allow for improvement, success, growth, and creativity.

Create a vision and writing it down is the first steps. Now you have to create a road map so that you are able to find success and enjoy your business. Need help? Don't worry! Link up with us and allow us to help make your dreams a reality!

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