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CEUs and In-Service Hours: What is the Difference?

Did you know that CEUs and In-Service Hours is different and is used for the same thing but is required for different things?

What is CEUs?

CEUs is an acronym for Continued Education Credits and is earned through courses that require a pre and post-test. Organizations that offer CEUs are accredited by IACET. Your transcript or certificate must have a special symbol to be sure you are earning CEUs. Colleges and Universities’ courses and trainings either online or in person also count as CEUs.

What is In-Service Hours?

In-Service Hours is hours of training for your traditional trainings. Employer based trainings, most professional development companies, and technical support are earned in the form of in-service hours.

What can CEUs be used for?

When renewing your Staff Credential, National CDA, and Director’s Credential it is required to have 45 CEUs for each renewal. If you are renewing your Staff Credential and Director’s Credential at the same time then you will need to have 45 hours for each application which means you will need to complete 90 hours of CEUs with in a certain time period.

What can In-Service Hours be used for?

It is a law that every staff member that works with children earns 10 annual in-service hours. When the Department of Children and Families inspect any center or home, they will check that the staff have form CF-FSP 5268 for centers or CF-FSP 5268A for homes. This form is a table that the director must write the date of the training, name of the training, training agency or trainer name, hours earned, and then sign. You should also add a copy of the certificate behind this form. See the laws below.

To be sure you are earning CEUs, be sure this symbol is on your certificate or transcript. You can also look up the list of IACET programs at the link below.

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Child Care Guru
Child Care Guru
Aug 20, 2020

Thanks Mrs. Crawford! Happy you enjoyed it!


Very informative thank you & greatly appreciated.

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