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This is an ideal game for children ages 3 years and older. This game will make help build understanding of things and how they can be alike and different. The game will support sorting and classifying skills. 


Who is this product for:

•Early Childhood Educators

•VPK Lead Instructors

•VPK Assistant Teachers

•Three Year Old Classrooms

•VPK Classrooms

•Preschool Teachers

•Head Start Teachers

•Family Child Care Home Providers

•Parents of Students age 3 to 6 years old



Great for small groups, 1-on-1, and individual use.


Benefit of the product:

•Enhancing science skills of classifying things that are alike and different

•Supportive of object recognition

•Teaches this concept with an hands on approach and engaging fun

•Demonstrates practice of finding matching objects and the number that is represented

•Supports language skills, science skills, and math skills


Cognitive Development: 

The teacher can use this game with open ended questions. Using questions will encourage deeper thinking and reasoning skills. When the child is challenged it will support higher order thinking. 


Supportive Services for Prduct:

Check out our YouTube Page for videos.

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