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Go Get That National CDA

The National CDA is a hot topic and is a goal of many early childhood educators. We have created this blog article explain what it is, components that are part of it, and three reasons you should obtain your National CDA. We are your "One Stop Shop for All Your Child Care Needs" and we are ready to help you with everything and successfully obtain your National CDA. Be sure to read to the end for your chance to get a copy of our Jitta Bug Daily National CDA Special Edition magazine.


The National CDA is an early childhood credential that screams to employers that you are a high quality, educated, and dedicated educator. This credential is only obtained from the Council for Professional Recognition in Washington D.C. and a person can obtain their National CDA after you have completed the following:

-120 Hours of Training

-480 Hours of Experience

-Professional Portfolio Binder

-Observation for 4 Hours

-Computerized In-Person Exam

Three Reasons to Obtain Your National CDA

  1. Higher Pay. Most schools and companies will pay anywhere from $3.50 to $10.00 more for teachers that have their National CDA. In other schools they offer a one time bonus for teachers that have obtain their National CDA ranging $100 to $500.

  2. Deeper Understanding. When you go through your National CDA Course, complete your binder and all the other required parts, you will gain a deeper understanding of the field and what goes into being an effective and meaningful teacher.

  3. Higher Quality. By obtaining the National CDA, you can gain a sense of higher quality and will be more clear on the different components that goes into running a classroom. You will gain a sense of intentional teaching and purposeful planning.


Comment on this blog article and we will send our Jitta Bug Daily National CDA Special Edition. In this 11 page guide is information all about the National CDA and our Pathway to the National CDA course. Comment your email to get a free copy of this special edition!

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Charnele Coley
Charnele Coley
12 de mai. de 2021

This is so awesome. Definitely a lot of information that is needed. Thank you ❤️



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