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Jan 11, 2022 - Mar 29, 2022

Child Care Start Up Course

  • 78Days
  • 12Steps
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This course will support any individual that is looking to open their own family child care home or child care center do so with success. Course topic outline Transformational Thinking Branding Basics Lining with Legalities Money Modeling Marketing Madness Enrollment Energizer Parent Participation Employing Excellence Quality VS Quantity Curriculum Crash Course Operational Obligations Organization Obsession Objectives 1. Understanding the basic foundational skills that are needed to open and operate a child care center, family child care home, or summer camp. 2. Identifying basic leadership and entrepreneurial skills that will be needed to operate as a business minded person. 3. Gaining confidence in their skills and abilities to operate a preschool. 4. Comprehending staffing and enrollment regulations and rules for each child care setting. 5. Demonstrating knowledge of the laws, rules, and regulations that govern the child care field and how to follow the rules and regulations.

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Child Care Start Up Course

Child Care Start Up Course

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